Hikes near Jerusalem

Nahal Halilim
Kedoshim Forest – Carmila Mountain and Riverbed
kedoshim forest hike
Cheater’s Hike – Ein Karem to Beit Zayit
Ein Prat Nature Reserve
Nahal Prat – The Easy Way
A Winter River – Nahal Refaim
Shimshon’s Cave – a New Approach
The Best Hike in Jerusalem
sataf hike
Nahal Tekoa and the Haritoun Cave
Tzora Forest -6K Loop Trail
Climb to Shimshon’s Cave
Park Adulam – A Long Walk to the Middle of Nowhere
Mount Kitron – Tzur Hadassa
Har Giora
Nahal Yitla -Neve Ilan Forest
Spring Valley – Park Canada
Nahal Sorek and Beyond
nahal sorek hike
Sataf – Choose Your Own Adventure Walk
Matta Forest 10K – Woodland Walk
Midras Ruins Trail – Park Adulam
The Springs Trail – Jerusalem
Burma Road
Sansan Ridge Trail to Sansan Ruins
Discoveries: Kobe Bridge to Mount Shalmon
The Jerusalem Forest – Wilderness in the City
Masarek Park Sunset Trail
Borot and Be’erot in Park Britannia
Park Britannia hike.
Walk to Ein Kobi
ein kobi hike
Nahal Yitla Scenic Trail
Kobi Ruins Trail – Begin Park
kobi ruins hike
Mount Heret Loop Trail
Wet Fun at Sataf
Peace and Beauty at Ein Kfira
Nahal Dolev
Givat HaTurmosim – Simple and Fancy
Hikes Near Jerusalem – 6 Hikes Around the Holy City
Nebi Samuel National Park  – History and Fun in One!
Nahal Hameara
Just Roll with It – Ein Tzova
Woodland and Springs Adventure near Jerusalem: Einot Boker Loop
Simple Pleasures – Einav Trail in Park Britannia
Ein Hindak- A Cool, Wet Adventure in Jerusalem
Nahal Dolev One-Way Trail
Beyond Ein Mata
Mount Eitan: The Summit and the Watering Hole
Nahal Yitla – The Long Way Around
10 Jerusalem Hikes an Easy Bus Ride Away
Hike to the Stalactite Cave
Mount Ya’ale Summit and Ancient Ruins at the Sorek Reserve
From Derech HaCaesar to Nahal Sansan
Isolated Beauty and History: Hurvat Kiyafeh
Gazelle Valley – Jerusalem
Loop Trail at Mount Refaim
Camping Trail at Havat HaGitot
Journey to the Clouds: Mount Sansan
Green Valleys and a Hasmonean Fortress: Hurvat Toura
Nahal Zanoah to Ein Mata
The Springs Trail Revamped
Mitzpe Massua Trail – Park Britannia
True Nahal Katlav
Journey to the Past: Burma Road and Sha’ar HaGai, Part One
Mount Tayasim to Tayasim Spring
7 Water Hikes for Kids Near Jerusalem & Tel Aviv
The Ein Sapir Springs Trail
Two Springs in the City: Ein Lavan and Ein Hania
Shayeret Trail – Woodland Walk and Wine
Sweet Spot at Ein Hemed
Beautiful Views Around Mount Tnufa
Spring Beauty at Ein Mevasser
The Hadassah Trail
Loop Trail to the Beit Zayit Dam
Into Jerusalem: Ein Kobe to Ein Lavan
Jerusalem Hikes for Summertime- 6 Trails You Can’t Miss
Wandering: Nahal Etziona and More
Sorek Lookout Path
Hike into the Holy City from Nahal Halilim to Lifta
Shvil Ha’Elot – 2.5K Loop Trail in Park Britannia