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Holmoniot (Autumn Crocus) in Lahav Forest

We noticed faint glints of yellow to our left.  We had found them – the elusive Holmoniot!

Nahal Betzet and Nahal Serach

Little fish swam through the pool, and a frog hopped from place to place. 

Loop Trail at Mount Refaim

Sunlight filtered through the thick pine trees, illuminating the forest floor below. 

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Hod Akev – Unreal Desert Hike

The sky was the crispest shade of cerulean, with cirrus clouds spattered around like white paint on a blue canvas. The mountain rock was stark and chalky in some places, like cut clay. In others, piles of sandy stones gathered to form sharp peaks.

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Hey there! I’m Susannah, and I love exploring the great outdoors. I live with my family right outside of Jerusalem. I hope that my pursuit of the next nearby adventure will help you with yours!

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