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At Hiking the Holyland, “Your Path to Israel’s Great Outdoors,” our mission is to share Israel’s beauty and history with the world.

At the end of 2018, Susannah created the website and began documenting hikes all around the country with her son’s Canon camera and little knowledge of Israel’s hidden natural beauty.  Since those early days, the website has grown to include hundreds of hiking trails, inspirational articles, guides, and expert tips to assist hikers in finding their way through this magnificent land.  The maps and tools on Hiking the Holyland are designed to make the hiking process easy and accessible for tourists, travelers, and English speaking locals, novices and experts alike.

Since its inception, Hiking the Holyland has responded to the need for better organized outdoor experiences with the addition of group hikes and events.  Our group hike guides are also available for personalized, private adventures, organized by our team.

Our Team

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Susannah Schild

Susannah Schild

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Susannah moved to Israel in 2003 with her husband and two small kids. Many years and a few children later, she discovered that what really makes her happy is the quiet and inner peace that comes from being in nature. Luckily, she lives in a beautiful country where wild scenery is never far away.

She lives with her family right outside of Jerusalem in Gush Etzion.  She likes to walk, climb, pick wild edibles, crawl through tiny underground caves, see history, and travel to new places.  At home, she really loves to cook, sing, and hang out with her six amazing children.

In 2023, Susannah published her first book, From Southerner to Settler: Unexpected Lessons from the Land of Israel, a memoir and book of inspiration about the Land of Israel.

avi Schild

Although the idea for Hiking the Holyland initially began as a solo project, it didn’t take long before it was a team effort.  Aside from planning hikes and taking those neat trail marker photos, Avi has taken over the bulk of the technical side of Hiking the Holyland.  You can see his expertly implemented Hike Search Feature or perfectly executed Hike Map on the site.

Avi loves to learn about the history of Israel, and is fascinated by the stories of those who lived in the land before us.  He is full of endless curiosity and energy, making him the perfect hiking partner (plus, he carries all the heavy weight!)  At home, Avi loves to read, deep dive into complicated projects, and spend time with family.