From Southerner
to Settler

Experience the beauty, the difficulty, and the strength of one woman’s journey
to connect to her people and discover the depth of the land that is their home.

Growing up as an Orthodox Jewish daughter of an African immigrant in the colorful city of New Orleans, Susannah Schild always felt like she didn't quite fit in. The idea of building a life in Israel seemed far fetched. But years later, she found herself standing on a remote hilltop in the Judean Mountains, surrounded by sweeping valleys and vineyards, escorting her daughter towards a wedding canopy. Every member of the tiny wedding party, including the groom, spoke only Hebrew. How did she end up here?

Susannah Schild

From New Orleans, Louisiana, susannah schild moved to israel in 2003 with her husband and two small children.

Four children and one grandchild later, she has learned much about the beauty, complexity, and importance of life in Israel. Her popular website, Hiking the Holyland, helps people from around the world discover Israel’s outdoors by leading them through the countries magnificent hiking trails.

From the perils of parenthood in a foreign country, to a bar mitzva turned mud bath, to falling in love with Israel’s outdoors, her thought provoking stories about daily life in Israel will draw you in…and open your eyes to another side of the Holy Land.