June 30, 2023

It’s my dad’s birthday. Happy birthday, Papa!

Under Desk Treadmill

As I write this, I’m walking on my under-desk walking pad treadmill.  I love this thing!  Do you have a desk job and sometimes feel antsy just sitting in one spot all day? Or, do you find that you are getting older, and years of sitting is contributing to a feeling of limited mobility (hard to do deep squats, sit cross legged, stand on one foot for a long time, etc)?  I, personally, was feeling both of these things.  And although I hike a lot, I also spend a lot of time in front of the computer.  So I started squatting and standing on one leg while I did easy desk work, and then, my husband bought me this awesome under-desk treadmill.

I actually just use it with my computer propped on a wall shelf.  It folds up easily against the wall every night when its not in use.  It’s a game changer.

A New PodcastOsim Tanach

I just listened to this wonderful episode of Osim Tanach, a podcast we recently discovered. The episode was called Teamei HaMikrah (as in, tastes of the bible – cute play on words).  The show is about plants of the bible, what plant names referred to which actual plants (this was surprising!), how ancient Jews ate in the holy land, etc, etc etc.  I definitely want to get the cookbook too.

Old Favorite

A couple of days ago I went hiking with my daughter and almost 2 year old granddaughter.  We were looking for something close, a hike that we could easily carry a baby through.  So where did we go? Beit Itab (a part of the longer Nahal HaMeara trail near Nes Harim).  I think it really is one of my favorite local trails.  I love that you can hike it in a circle.  It’s less than 5 kilometers and includes spectacular views.  We always eat breakfast in the eucalyptus grove at the end.

On the trail.

Reading Sivan Rahav Meir’s book, Yamim Baim, is filled with short, inspirational divrei Torah about all the different times of year.  I’ve been obsessed with this book since my sister gave it to me two years ago. Although it’s in Hebrew, the selections are short enough to get through, even for those of us who aren’t native speakers.  And I’ve discovered all sorts of little Jewish days of note that I never knew existed. (When I was looking for the link, I found the book in English too, available on Amazon!)

Perfect Picnic Blanket

Another great hiking accessory: This picnic blanket folds up easily into a lightweight roll which can be stuffed into the outside part of any hiking backpack.  We use it when we know the terrain will be tough, or wet, or when we are eating a full meal outdoors.  It is waterproof, fluffy, and it looks great in pictures!  Throw it into the washing machine when you return from your adventures.


Growing up, I absorbed the Southern obsession with place, a place can seem to me somehow an extension of the self.  If I am made of red clay and black river water and white sand and moss, that seems natural to me.

Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun

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