Hikes in the South

A Spring Walk to Ziklag
Amram’s Pillars Loop Trail
Little Loop at the Black Canyon, Eilat
Nahal Dimona – Narcissus Flowers in the Desert
Tel Ashkelon – An Ancient City on the Coast
The Via Ferrata Masada Challenge
Ginta Caves Hike
Tze’elim Stream to Tsfira Pools
Lower Nahal Darja (in Memory of Lucy Dee)
Park Timna: The Arches Trail
Park Timna: The Canyons Trail
Nahal Mazar & Gev Mazar
Sansana Forest Flower Filled Trail
Shikma Stream Hike to the Sea
Hurvat Zak: A Storybook Setting
Gevaot Gad: Hills and Tunnels
Mystery and Magic at Hurvat Beit Loya
Havarei Masada: Simple and Beautiful
Nahal Asus and Kipat Eshet
Nahal Barak
Eilat’s Red Canyon
Timna Park: Solomon’s Pillars Loop
Timna Park: Adventurous Loop Trail
Holmoniot (Autumn Crocus) in Lahav Forest
Nahal Kanfan
Crazy Cliffs and Desert Pools at Nahal Tahmason
Eilat Mountains: From The Hidden Valley to Shehoret Campground
Tel Lachish: Beauty at an Ancient City
Nahal HaBesor: February Flowers
Zruiah Ascent to Mishmar Epic Desert Trek
Nahal Yaelim Desert Trek
Ramon Crater: Harut Hill and Saharonim Plateau
The Great Crater: Small Fin and Colored Sands
The Great Crater(HaMakhtesh HaGadol): Big Fin and Colored Sands
Upper Nahal Rahaf – Canyon Walk
Desert Hike at Nahal Kidod
Mount Tzror and Nahal Tzror Adventure
Nahal Rom and Mount Yizrach
Nahal Ashlim and Azgad: Desert Pools and Ladders
Eilat Mountains: Har Shlomo
Through Nahal Yizrach & Bokek to Tsuk Tamrur
Eilat Mountains: Mount Neshef and the Red Canyon
Be’eri Forest: Little Loop Trail
Shaharia Forest – 5K Loop Trail
Red in February – Shokda Forest
Adventure Hike Around Masada
Ma’ale Akravim and Nahal Gov Desert Trek
Mount Zin and the Potato Field
The Dead Sea 1/4 Mile Salt Walkway
Nahal Tze’elim Desert Adventure
Nahal Tamar and Nahal Tzafit Desert Canyons
Crystal Pools in Nahal Rahaf
Two Trails From Tsfira Campground
To the Tsfira Pools
Yatir Forest – A Desert Woodland
Nahal Mishmar – A Beautiful Adventure
Ein Avdat One Way Trail
Defying Gravity – Makhtesh HaKatan Loop Trail
Nahal Peres – Trek to Desert Pools
Meditations in the Desert -Rahamim Cistern Trail
Hod Akev – Unreal Desert Hike
Nahal Hemar to Nahal Zohar Desert Trek
Nahal Bokek
From Arad to Nahal Abuv
Mount Tsfira- Judean Desert
Dodim Cave and Ein Gedi Spring
Nahal David at the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
Nahal Salvadora – Desert Adventure for Everyone
Mount Yishai and the Window Waterfall
Nahal Dragot – The Circular Route
Pura Nature Reserve
Fields of Red in the Ruhama Badlands
Nahal Kina – Judean Desert
Nahal Arugot and the Fairy Pools
Ein Avdat
Ramon Crater – Mount Ardon
hiking israel - arond mountain ramon crater
Ramon Crater – The Nekarot Horseshoe Trail