Jerusalem Mountains

See the table below or click the markers on the map for full hike info:

This forested region stretches from the city of Jerusalem out to Beit Shemesh. Mountaintop scenery and thick pine forests come together to create some of the most beautiful walks in all of Israel.
Spring Beauty at Ein MevasserEasy<50m1 hour
Camping Trail at Havat HaGitotEasy.5 km.5 hours
Nebi Samuel National Park  – History and Fun in One!Easy<1 km2 hours
Sorek Lookout PathEasy.8 each way1 hour
Sweet Spot at Ein HemedEasy<11-2 hours
Two Springs in the City: Ein Lavan and Ein HaniaEasy1 km2 hours
The Scenic Trail at Nahal KatlavEasy1.5 km30 min - 1 hour
Ein Hindak- A Cool, Wet Adventure in JerusalemEasy1.7 km1-2 hours
Nahal Yitla Scenic TrailEasy1.5 km1.5 hours
Masarek Park Sunset TrailEasy1.81-2 hours
Gazelle Valley – JerusalemEasy2 km1 hour
Off the Beaten Track Around Har Ya’aleEasy2.2 km1-2 hours
Just Roll with It – Ein TzovaEasy2.5 km2.5 hours
Walk to Ein Kobi - Park BeginEasy3 km1 - 1.5 hours
Sweet and Simple in Nes Harim – Beit ItabEasy3.5 km2 hours
Beyond Kobi BridgeEasy3.8 km1.5-2 hours
Cheater’s Hike – Ein Karem to Beit ZayitEasy3 km (x2)30-40 min (X2)
Nahal HalilimEasy2 km (x2)2.5 hours
Nahal HamearaEasy5 km2.5 hours
The Ein Sapir Springs TrailEasy-Moderate1.7 km each way2 hours
Winter River - Nahal RefaimEasy-Moderate2.5-7 km1-3 hours
Kobi Ruins Trail – Begin ParkEasy - Moderate4.7 km1 - 2 hours
The Jerusalem Forest – Wilderness in the CityEasy- Moderate5 km2.5 hours
The Springs Trail – JerusalemEasy-Moderate6 km1.5-2 hours
Peace and Beauty at Ein KfiraModerate2.5 km2-3 hours
Wet Fun at SatafModerate3.52-3
Mount Kitron – Tzur HadassaModerate4.2 km2-3 hours
Hike to the Stalactite CaveModerate3-6 km2-4 hours
Nahal Zanoah to Ein MataModerate6 km2-3 hours
Mount Heret Loop TrailModerate6.5 km2-3 hours
The Best Hike in JerusalemModerate8 km1.5 - 2.5 hours
Kedoshim Forest - Carmila LoopModerate6.63 hours
The Hadassah TrailModerate8.5 km4 hours
Loop Trail to the Beit Zayit DamModerate6 km3 hours
Discoveries: Kobe Bridge to Mount ShalmonModerate6.25 km3 hours
Hike into the Holy City from Nahal Halilim to LiftaModerate6.5 km4 hours
Loop Trail at Mount RefaimModerate7.5 km3-4 hours
Sansan Ridge Trail to Sansan RuinsModerate8.5 km3.5 hours
Mount Tayasim to Tayasim SpringModerate-Strenuous<1 km2 hours
Sataf – Choose Your Own Adventure WalkModerate-Strenuous3-7 km3 hours
Shayeret Trail – Woodland Walk and WineModerate-Strenuous6 km2.5 hours
Beyond Ein MataModerate-Strenuous6 km2-3 hours
Mount Eitan: The Summit and the Watering HoleModerate Strenuous6.5 kilometers3 hours
Nahal HaMeara – The Best Local HikeModerate- Strenuous6.5 km3 hours
Journey to the Clouds: Mount SansanModerate-Strenuous6.7 km3-4 hours
True Nahal KatlavModerate-Strenuous8 km3 hours
Into Jerusalem: Ein Kobe to Ein LavanModerate-Strenuous8.5 km3-4 hours
Matta Forest 10K – Woodland WalkModerate-Strenuous10.5 km3 hours
The Springs Trail RevampedModerate-Strenuous4.7/8.6 km3-5 hours
From Derech HaCaesar to Nahal SansanModerate-Strenuous11 km3-4 hours
Green Valleys and a Hasmonean Fortress: Hurvat TouraStrenuous3.5 km3 hours
Har Giora - Park BeginStrenuous7 km2.5 hours
Nahal Sorek and BeyondStrenuous6.8 km2.5 hours
Mount Ya’ale Summit and Ancient Ruins at the Sorek ReserveStrenuous7.5 km3-4 hours
Nahal Yitla -Neve Ilan ForestStrenuous7.6 km3 hours
Woodland and Springs Adventure near Jerusalem: Einot Boker LoopStrenuous2-10 km4-5 hours
Nahal Yitla – The Long Way AroundStrenuous14 km5-6 hours