Galil Area Hikes

Yehiam Fortress National ParkEasy<1 km1 hour
Ein Divsha Water TrailEasy<1km1-2 hours
Ga’aton Stream and The Hidden LakeEasyn/a1-4 hours
Minhat Megiddo and Tel MegiddoEasy<1 km3 hours
Gan HaShlosha (Sachne)Easy<1 km2-4 hours
Ma’arat Keshet (Keshet Cave)Easy1 km1 hour
Nahal HaKibbutzimEasy<2 km1-3 hours
Kochav HaYarden (Belvoir) National ParkEasy1 km1 hour
Mount Tavor Loop TrailEasy2 km1 hour
Mount Arbel - the Lookout TrailEasy2 km1 hour
Coastal Trail to Rosh HaNikraEasy6.52-3 hours
Agamon HaHulaEasy8.5 km2-3 hours
Farood Falls: Catch Them If You CanModerate1.5 km1-2 hours
Nahal Yehiam to Klil: Hidden BeautyModerate2.52 hours
Nahal Iyon Waterfall HikeModerate2.5 km x22 hours
Nahal Betzet – A Beautiful SurpriseModerate3 km X 24 hours
The Cliffs of Arbel – Hike Through HistoryModerate4 km2-3 hours
Nahal Rosh PinaModerate4.5 km1.5 - 3 hours
Nahal Amud Riverside Loop TrailModerate5 km2-4 hours
Ramot Menashe 6K loopModerate6.252-3 hours
Ramat HaShofet Springs Trail (Ein Rechania)Moderate9.5 km4 hours
Spring Magic at Nahal Aviv and Nahal DishonModerate-Strenuous5 km2-3 hours
Nahal Tavor - Rare BeautyModerate-Strenuous7.5 km3-4 hours
Nahal Betzet and Nahal SerachModerate-Strenuous7.5 km4-5 hours
Galilee Beauty: Nahal Neria and Nahal MoranModerate-Strenuous7.6 km3 hours
Winding Streams and Castles – Montfort to Nahal KzivModerate-Strenuous10-13 km5-6 hours
Israel Trail, Second Segment: Nekikei Yiftach to Keren NaftaliStrenuous12 km4-6 hours
Gilboa Mountain Adventure 2Strenuous8.5 km4-5 hours
Israel Trail Section 8: Lower Nahal AmudStrenuous10.6 km4-6 hours
Israel Trail #3, Keren Naftali to Nahal DishonStrenuous11 km5-6 hours
Israel Trail #5 – Climbing Mount MeronStrenuous11 km7 hours
Israel Trail #4: A Beautiful Adventure at Nahal DishonStrenuous13 km6-7 hours
Israel Trail First Segment: Tel Hai to YiftachStrenuous14.5 km6-7 hours
Gilboa Mountain Adventure Through Pastoral LandsStrenuous - Advanced15 km6-8 hours
Yam El Yam Day 1 - Nahal KzivAdvanced20 km9 hours
Yam El Yam Day 2 - To Mount MeronAdvanced29 km12 hours
Yam El Yam Day 3 – Nahal Amud to the Sea of GalileeAdvanced23 km12 hours