Jerusalem Lowlands

See the table below or click the markers on the map for full hike info:

The Jerusalem Lowlands stretch from the area around Beit Shemesh towards Central and Southern Israel. These valleys are lush and green in during rainy season. Hike here for flower peeping in the winter and cave explorations in the summer.
Nebi Samuel National Park  – History and Fun in One!Easy<1 km2-3 hours
Ein Hindak- A Cool, Wet Adventure in JerusalemEasy1.7 km1-2 hours
Wander in a Woodland – Haruvit ForestEasy2.6 km1 hour
Adventures at Tel Maresha/ Beit GuvrinEasy2 km2 hours
Taking it Easy at Tel AzekaEasy2.5 km2 hours
Shvil Ha’Elot – 2.5K Loop Trail in Park BritanniaEasy2.5 km2 hours
Midras Ruins Trail – Park AdulamEasy3 km2 hours
Ma’arat HaTeumim – Twins Cave TrailEasy3 km2 hours
Borot and Be'erot - Park BritanniaEasy4.8 km2-3 hours
Little Loop in AdulamEasy5 km2 hours
Tel Tzafit – A Beautiful Walk Through HistoryEasy-Moderate3 km2 hours
Tzora Forest -6K Loop TrailEasy-Moderate6.4 km2 hours
Simple Pleasures – Einav Trail in Park BritanniaEasy-Moderate10 km3 hours
Mitzpe Massua Trail – Park BritanniaModerate3 km1-2 hours
Tel AdulamModerate3 km2 hours
Givat HaTurmosim – Simple and FancyModerate2-6 km1-2.5 hours
Isolated Beauty and History: Hurvat KiyafehModerate4.5 km2-3 hours
Red Poppies on Burma RoadModerate4.5 km2-3 hours
Nahal Dolev One-Way TrailModerate5K2.5 hours
Tale of Two Cities: Burgin and Itri RuinsModerate6.5 km2-5 hours
A Beautiful Adventure in Adulam: Hurvat KayitModerate6 km3 hours
Yishi Forest – A Walk in the WoodsModerate6 km2-3 hours
Burma RoadModerate6-9.5 km3 hours
Tzora Forest 7K – The North SideModerate7 km2 hours
Shimshon’s Cave – a New ApproachModerate7 km3.5 hours
Adulam: Hurvat YonimModerate7.7 km3 hours
Nahal DolevModerate9.5 km3.5 hours
Exploring Park Canada – The Ayalon TrailModerate10 km3 hours
Park Adulam Long LoopModerate13 km4 hours
Beautiful Views Around Mount TnufaModerate-Strenuous4-9 km2-4 hours
Climb to Shimshon’s CaveStrenuous2.6 km3 hours
Wandering: Nahal Etziona and MoreStrenuous7.2 km3.5 hours
Journey to the Past: Burma Road and Sha’ar HaGai, Part OneStrenuous11.5 km4 hours