South Israel Hikes

Use this table to navigate your way through hikes in the Negev and Judean Deserts.  Hikes are arranged by difficulty, distance, and time to complete.

Nahal David at the Ein Gedi Nature ReserveEasy1.5 km1-3 hours
Gevaot Gad – Climb to a Sheikh’s TombEasy2 km2 hours
Ein Avdat - Northern NegevEasy3.3 km1.5 hours
Nahal BokekEasy2-3 km2 hours
To the Tsfira PoolsEasy3 km2-3 hours
Ruhama Badlands - Darom AdomEasy2-16 k1-5 hours
Two Trails From Tsfira CampgroundEasy6 km4 hours
Nahal Salvadora – Desert Adventure for EveryoneModerate2-3 km2-3 hours
Ein Avdat One Way TrailModerate3.3 km2 hours
Nekarot Horseshoe - Ramon CraterModerate6.6 km2.5-3 hours
Dodim Cave and Ein Gedi SpringModerate6 km3-4 hours
Pura Nature ReserveModerate6-9 km2.5 hours
Mount Tsfira- Judean DesertModerate8.7 km2-3 hours
Nahal Arugot - Ein GediModerate6-9 km2-4 hours
Yatir Forest – A Desert WoodlandModerate8.5 km3 hours
Nahal Peres – Trek to Desert PoolsModerate- Strenuous5.5-8 km2.5 -4 hours
Meditations in the Desert -Rahamim Cistern TrailModerate- Strenuous7.5 km2-4 hours
Nahal Kina - Judean DesertStrenuous11 km4 hours
Nahal Dragot – The Circular RouteStrenuous-Advanced9.7 km3-4 hours
From Arad to Nahal AbuvStrenuous-Advanced11.5 km5-6 hours
Nahal Mishmar – A Beautiful AdventureStrenuous-Advanced11-14 km6 hours
Mount Yishai and the Window WaterfallAdvanced8.6 km4-5 hours
Mount Ardon - Ramon CraterAdvanced13.7 km5.5 hours
Nahal Hemar to Nahal Zohar Desert TrekAdvanced13.5 km5-6 hours
Hod Akev – Unreal Desert HikeAdvanced20 km6+ hours
Defying Gravity – Makhtesh HaKatan Loop TrailAdvanced17 km6-8 hours