Judea and Samaria Hikes

Hiking through the Biyar AqueductEasy<1 km1 hour
The Cholmoniot Trail: Gush EtzionEasy1.5 km1 hour
Bat Ayin Springs Trail – Ein LivneEasy1.2 km2 hours
Nahal Prat - The Easy WayEasy2 km2 hours
Herodion – A Trail Through TimeEasy1.5 km2 hours
Enot Tsukim and the Hidden ReserveEasy2 km1-3 hours
Path of the PatriarchsEasy1.5 km x21-2 hours
A Desert Oasis at Ein KeltEasy- Moderate1.5 km2 hours
Nahal Qumran and The Scrolls TrailEasy- Strenuous2-7 km2-4 hours
Into the Depths of Haritoun CaveModerate<1 km2 hours
Nahal Tekoa and the Haritoun CaveModerate1km x22 hours
Nahal Salvadora – Desert Adventure for EveryoneModerate2-3 km2-3 hours
An Adventure on Har HaKokhavModerate4 km2-3 hours
Nahal Og – Climbing Canyon WallsModerate4.2 km1.5-2 hours
Ein Prat Nature ReserveModerate3km x23 hours
Nahal Kana – Valley of TreesModerate8.5 km3-4 hours
Rosh Tzurim Loop TrailModerate10 km3 hours
Nahal Tekoa – Valley of Monks and KingsModerate-Strenuous4.3 km2-3 hours
Adventure at Nahal Piran and Nahal TalkidModerate-Strenuous2-3 km3 hours
JumJum Ruins and Bat Ayin SpringsModerate-Strenuous7.2 km2-3 hours
Herodion to Nahal TekoaStrenuous3.5 km2-4 hours
Ein Shaharit – Journey Towards an OasisStrenuous3.5 km2-3 hours
Sartava: An Adventure Through TimeStrenuous5 km3.5 hours
Mount Montar and Mar Saba – in the Footsteps of Seir L’azazelStrenuous16.5 km5-7 hours