Central Israel Hikes

Appolonia: Seaside Beauty and a Crusader FortressEasy<11-2 hours
Tel Michal: Nature Walk on the CoastEasy1.5 km1-2 hours
Little Surprises in Mrar Hills National ParkEasy2 km1 hour
Hulda Forest: Journey into the PastEasy2 km1-2 hours
Family Fun at Tel AfekEasy2.4 km2 hours
From Trash to Treasure: Ariel Sharon ParkEasy2.5 km1-2 hours
Holot Zikim – River to BeachEasy3 km2 hours
Hof HaSharon ReserveEasy3 km2 hours
Cyclamen Hill – Tal ShaharEasy3 km2 hours
Flowers and Golden Grain at Tel GezerEasy3 km2 hours
Nahal AlexanderEasy3.8 km x23 hours
Get Your Feet Wet: HaMeginim Forest and Varda SpringEasy3 km2-4 hours
Nahal Lachish Park WalkEasy2-5 km2-3 hours
Spring Valley - Park CanadaEasy4.8 km2 hours
Park AgamimEasy6 km2 hours
Yarkon National Park River WalkEasy3 km x22-3 hours
Sorek Estuary at PalmahimEasy4 km x23 hours
Mekorot HaYarkon Riverside HikeEasy3.52-3 hours
Ben Shemen Forest WalkEasy5.7 km2.5 hours
Ga’ash Beach Coastal TrailEasy6-9 km2-3 hours
Gdor Nature Reserve TrailEasy6.9 km3 hours
Keepin’ it Real in Shoham ForestEasy-Moderate3.5 km2 hours
Nahal Poleg and Poleg Beach TrailEasy-Moderate4 km2 hours
Holot Nitzanim – Sand Surfing to the BeachEasy-Moderate4 km x23 hours
Ben Shemen Forest: Tel Hadid to Hurvat GimzuModerate6.4 km1-2 hours
Exploring Park Canada – The Ayalon TrailModerate10 km3 hours