Dead Sea Area

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The Dead Sea Area runs along the Dead Sea - the lowest point in the world and one of the its saltiest bodies of water. Hikes in this area generally feature beautiful views out towards the turquoise lake. Natural springs, white chalk riverbeds, and intense climbing canyons are located in this area. The terrain in the region can be mountainous, especially in relation to the low elevation of the Dead Sea itself.
HikeLower Nahal Darja (in Memory of Lucy Dee)The Via Ferrata Masada ChallengeDifficultyDistanceTime
The Dead Sea 1/4 Mile Salt WalkwayEasy<1 km.5 hours
Nahal David at the Ein Gedi Nature ReserveEasy1.5 km1-3 hours
Nahal BokekEasy2-3 km2 hours
Havarei Masada: Simple and BeautifulEasy- Moderate3 km1-2 hours
Nahal Qumran and The Scrolls TrailEasy-Strenuous2-7 km1-3 hours
Nahal Salvadora – Desert Adventure for EveryoneModerate2-3 km2-3 hours
The Via Ferrata Masada ChallengeModerate2.9 km2-3 hours
Crystal Pools in Nahal RahafModerate3 km2-3 hours
Dodim Cave and Ein Gedi SpringModerate6 km3-4 hours
Nahal Arugot - Ein GediModerate6-9 km2-4 hours
Nahal Tamar and Nahal Tzafit Desert CanyonsStrenuous6.3 km3 hours
Through Nahal Yizrach & Bokek to Tsuk TamrurStrenuous13 km4-5 hours
Nahal Rom and Mount YizrachStrenuous10.5 km5 hours
Adventure Hike Around MasadaStrenuous-Advanced7.4 km4-6 hours
Nahal Dragot – The Circular RouteStrenuous-Advanced9.7 km3-4 hours
Nahal Tze’elim Desert AdventureStrenuous-Advanced11.5 km6-7 hours
Nahal Mishmar – A Beautiful AdventureStrenuous-Advanced11-14 km6 hours
Crazy Cliffs and Desert Pools at Nahal TahmasonAdvanced8.2 km4 hours
Mount Yishai and the Window WaterfallAdvanced8.6 km4-5 hours
Nahal Hemar to Nahal Zohar Desert TrekAdvanced13.5 km5-6 hours
Nahal Ashlim and Azgad: Desert Pools and LaddersAdvanced10-14 km5-6 hours
Zruiah Ascent to Mishmar Epic Desert TrekAdvanced20 km9 hours
Lower Nahal Darja (in Memory of Lucy Dee)Advanced6.7 km5-8 hours