Ten Family Hikes for Pesach in Israel -2019

The birds are chirping, flowers are blossoming, and the smell of burning chametz is in the air – it’s Pesach time in Israel!  As you prepare for the upcoming holiday you may be thinking about what to do with your family when the house is finally clean.  After all, it doesn’t seem fair that all of this gorgeous spring weather should go to waste!

To make things a little easier on you, I’ve compiled a list of my top ten hikes for kids in Israel this season.  These treks are all great choices for warm spring weather and little legs.  Read through the descriptions to find one that’s right for your family. Then click on the links to plan out your hike:

Jerusalem Area

Nahal Halilim

This kid-friendly hike is located in Mevasseret, only about fifteen minutes from the Holy City.  Right now, the entire path is lined with fragrant flowers.  And since it’s in a valley there is some automatic shade along the path.  Towards the end, you’ll get to explore some really cool caves – fun for adults and kids alike!

Ten Hikes for Kids Pesach
Hiking fun for everyone.

Springs Trail

If it’s warm over the holiday, head on over to the Springs Trail (Shvil Hama’ayanot) in Jerusalem.  This hike takes you through a shady forest past a few caves.  The best part?  There are several fresh water springs along the trail.  Be prepared for your kids to get very wet.  The little pools are kind of irresistible.

Kedoshim Forest

This awesome trail takes you through a beautiful forest up a mountain. Then return back down the mountain through a shaded riverbed.  The rock formations and flowers in Kedoshim forest are beautiful and unique.  If trekking up a mountain seems like too much for your little guys, look in the comments section of the post to make it a one-way hike downhill.

Ten Hikes for Kids Pesach
Through a shady forest.

Central Israel

The Sorek Estuary

This is the perfect hike for kids on Pesach!  You’ll start at a gorgeous, shady nature reserve.  Then trek along a river, keeping an eye out for exotic birds along the way.  Finally, you’ll reach a quiet Mediterrranean beach. Explore the rocky crags at either end to find an incredible assortment of shells.  Highly recommended.

Ten Hikes for Kids Pesach
Seashells at Sorek Estuary.

Spring Valley – Park Canada

If you’re looking for an easy ramble around with the kids in Central Israel, this hike is it.  The trail starts at a spring and wanders through a pretty, tree-lined area.  If you want more of a challenge (and a spectacular view), extend the hike by climbing Tel Aked.  It’s a bit of an ascent, but the view from up top is worth it.

Hof HaSharon

If I had to choose just one hike in all of Israel to take my kids to this spring, this would be it.  Near Herzliya, Hof HaSharon Reserve is filled with the most beautiful assortment of flowers I’ve seen this season.  The trail takes you to beachside cliffs with a spectacular view of the sea.  Then back through the wildflowers towards a Eucalyptus forest.  Easy.  Serene.  Just do it.

Ten Hikes for Kids Pesach
Fields of flowers at Hof HaSharon.

Northern Israel

Nahal Iyon

The waterfalls at Nahal Iyon are spectacular.  And since it’s a bit lesser-known, there’s a good chance that it won’t be totally crowded (although who am I kidding? – pretty much everything is crowded on Pesach in Israel).  There are three major waterfalls on this trail, each with its own unique appearance.  Feel the Niagra rush at the Tanur Falls or dip your feet into the quiet pool at Mapal Iyon.

Arbel Mountain

Nobody’s expecting kids to climb a mountain, but at Arbel National Park you can drive to the top.  Then walk along the path and take in unparalleled views of the Kinneret and surrounding area.  It’s a National Park, so there are bathrooms and information signs at the trailhead. Need I say more?

Ten Hikes for Kids Pesach

Nahal Rosh Pina

Spring is the best time to head to Nahal Rosh Pina.  It’s is right on the outskirts of – you guessed it – Rosh Pina.  This trek passes by a little stream and spring.  The trail then heads through beautiful scenery towards and spectacular lookout.  It’s a perfect hike for little kids who consider themselves to be real hikers!

Southern Israel

Nahal Arugot

You’ve probably been to Ein Gedi at some point.  But have you ever taken the road less traveled at Nahal Arugot?  This alternative Ein Gedi hike is even more beautiful than the original.  And the path travels along a stream almost the entire way, so there’s a lot of wet fun to be had.  Remember, it’s warmer at Ein Gedi than in other parts of the country – so in the springtime it’s perfect.

Ten Hikes for Kids Pesach
Cerulean spring at Arugot.

Read the full hike descriptions by following the links so you can pick the trek that’s right for your family.  And don’t forget to read my guide to the navigational features in each post before you hit the trail.

For more great ideas for kid-friendly hikes for Pesach in Israel, check out Hiking the Holyland’s Kids and Family section.

Enjoy your time in the great outdoors this Pesach in Israel.  You deserve it!

Ten Hikes for Kids Pesach
Hiking fun.

7 thoughts on “Ten Family Hikes for Pesach in Israel -2019

  1. Nice article…only hope that the weather is a wee bit better.
    Looking for recommendation from your list;
    Jerusalem Area with a nice wheel chair accessible sitting area (for my mother in law) plus a circular family walking trail…

    1. Hey David! Are you looking for good hikes for Pesach? Because one of the best that I can think of is the Cheater’s Hike to Derech HaGefen (and I’m not sure what the story is there for Pesach or even if they are open.) That hike would allow your mother in law to sit in a restaurant and wait. Otherwise, there is the Schuster Trail (which is short but there is are nice seating areas in nature where she could sit and wait at the trailhead). The Kedoshim Forest hike could work if she doesn’t mind sitting and waiting quite a while. The trail begins and ends at a beautiful Holocaust memorial. Lmk if you need more suggestions.

  2. Come check out Israel’s Lookout in Peduel (Samaria). Wheelchair access for the lookout and a hike on a path marked by רט’ג to see Dir Kala (and walk to a cave). There’s a “festival” each Chol Hamoed and accessible year round. Free tours are available with רט”ג גן קהילה volunteers.

  3. Great site, really appreciate your hike descriptions!

    Teen kids want us to do a Pesach hike with those metal bar steps or rock scrambling (read: excitement), but nothing too looooong (in the way only teenagers can say it).

    I interpret this as ~7km max, but less if there are big elevation changes or lack of shade. Seems like a tough ask, since we’re looking in the Jlm/Beit Shemesh area. (For reference: Nahal Og was successful (but hot) in the past.)


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