Northern Negev Area

See the table below or click the markers on the map for full hike info:

The Northern Negev sits between the Beersheva Area and the Southern Negev. It is a vast desert full of challenging treks, dry riverbeds, and three spectacular craters. In the wintertime, pools of water form after flash floods, which become popular swimming spots for desert hikers.
Ein Avdat - Northern NegevEasy3.3 km1.5 hours
Small Fin at Great CraterModerate2 km2 hours
Ein Avdat One Way TrailModerate3.3 km2 hours
Ramon Crater: Harut Hill and Saharonim PlateauModerate4 km2 hours
Nekarot Horseshoe - Ramon CraterModerate6.6 km2.5-3 hours
Nahal Peres – Trek to Desert PoolsModerate- Strenuous5.5-8 km2.5 -4 hours
Mount Zin and the Potato FieldStrenuous3 km1.5 hours
Ma’ale Akravim and Nahal Gov Desert TrekStrenuous8 km4 hours
Mount Tzror and Nahal Tzror AdventureStrenuous10.5 km5 hours
The Great Crater(HaMakhtesh HaGadol): Big Fin and Colored SandsStrenuous-Advanced7 km3-4 hours
Mount Ardon - Ramon CraterAdvanced13.7 km5.5 hours
Hod Akev – Unreal Desert HikeAdvanced20 km6+ hours
Defying Gravity – Makhtesh HaKatan Loop TrailAdvanced17 km6-8 hours