Southern Negev

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The Southern Negev is a desert region that spreads over the southern part of Israel. Included in this part of the country are the Eilat mountains, one of the most beautiful and geologically varied areas of the desert. High temperatures and very little rainfall are characteristic of the area, making it an ideal choice for winter hiking.
Park Timna: The Arches TrailModerate2.5 km2 hours
Park Timna Canyons TrailModerate5.52-3 hours
Eilat’s Red CanyonModerate-Strenuous2-5 km1-3 hours
Nahal Mazar & Gev MazarStrenuous2 km2 hours
Timna Park: Solomon’s Pillars LoopStrenuous3.6 km2 hours
Eilat Mountains: Har ShlomoStrenuous5.5 km5 hours
Nahal Asus and Kipat EshetModerate-Strenuous6.4 km2 hours
Eilat Mountains: Mount Neshef and the Red CanyonStrenuous8 km5 hours
Nahal BarakStrenuous8-15 km3-6 hours
Timna Park: Adventurous Loop TrailStrenuous14.5 km5-6 hours
Eilat Mountains: From The Hidden Valley to Shehoret CampgroundAdvanced11 km6 hours