Nahal Snir River Walk

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Distance: 2kmTime: 1-2 hoursDifficulty: Moderate
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The Hasbani River Nature Reserve, popularly known as Nahal Snir, is full of trails for every age and skill level.

Last week, on our trip to the Golan, we decided to try all of the hikes located in the Snir Nature Reserve.  Our favorite of the bunch was the classic river walk, which leads hikers under a canopy of shade along the twisty, Hasbani River.

This trail took us through the beautiful sights and sounds of Nahal Snir.  We got to experience chirping birds, pink flowers, blue dragonflies, and the cool, clear stream running right through the middle.

Nahal Snir River Walk
Riverside walk for all.

The Nahal Snir trail isn’t for hikers who aren’t steady on their feet, but even kids (over age 6) can hike this trail.  Climbing over rocks and tree roots and splashing through puddles turns this trek into something really unique.

Here’s how we hiked the main trail at Nahal Snir:

From Tame to Unruly

The entrance to the Nature Reserve is welcoming, organized, and far from unruly.  After paying with our Parks Card at the booth, we got a map and set off for the trails.

It was easy to follow the clearly posted wooden signs down a paved path.  They led us to the a crossroads for all the trails.  Our trail (marked with blue and Israel trail markers) took us to the left, past a wading pool, and down towards Nahal Snir.

Once we descended, it was cool, beautiful, and wild

Nahal Snir River Walk
Wild beauty at Nahal Snir.

There were no longer any clear wooden signs – just a gently streaming river, surrounded on all sides by overhanging trees.  Trail markings were painted on rocks by the water.

Mini waterfalls poured down on the sides of the path.  We clambered over rocks and tree roots in the shallow part of the stream, making our way down the river.

Nahal Snir River Walk
Mini waterfalls

What Lives in Nahal Snir

As we splashed through the water, we could see little fish swimming at our feet.  And when the trail led us up onto solid ground, there were worlds of blue dragonflies, flitting between the vines that hung down from above.

After a short walk, we reached a staircase going up.  This is where the blue trail officially ends.  Rather than take the stairs and heading back to the trailhead, we continued along the river, following the Israel Trail.

Nahal Snir River Walk
In a tangle.

We passed by the grounds of an Israeli-famous fish restaurant on our left – Dag al HaDan.  Past the restaurant, the sights and sounds of civilization faded into the background.  After a few more minutes, it was back to being just us and the river.

Quiet Time on a Rock

Any place seemed like a good place to stop on this trail.  There were so many flat rocks and tree root beds.  And no matter where we were, the river was right there, waiting for us to dip our feet.

Nahal Snir River Walk
Stop anywhere.

We spread out a towel and stopped for a break.  The whitewater poured past mossy rocks where we sat.  Mushrooms grew from inside the moss. Sunlight filtered through the trees. And it was incredibly peaceful.

After a few minutes, a big group of kids passed by.  Some were clearly elated by the chance to climb boulders and get their feet wet.  Others were petrified by the prospect of falling into the water.  We watched as their teachers assisted them down metal rungs, and onto the next part of the trail.  Then we continued on our way.

Turning Back

The Snir River trail continued through super beautiful scenery.  We could see that since we were following the Israel Trail, we could walk this path for a long while.

Nahal Snir River Walk
Walk on the wild side.

In fact, this particular trail brings hikers to a second parking lot.  If we had parked a second car at the lot, we would have continued on to the end.  But there seemed no reason to go on in that direction if we were only going to turn back.  We had several other hikes to conquer that day.

So, we climbed over the boulders, through little pools of water, and headed back towards the blue trail, towards the staircase that would bring us up to dry land.

Nahal Snir River Walk
Towards the dry trail.

Back on Dry Land

Ten minutes later, we were on the dry trail.  Tall pink hollyhocks grew on the sides.  And twisty trees with their roots in Nahal Snir hung over the pathway.  A few minutes walk, and we were back at the trailhead.

This unique river trail in the Golan turned out to be a fun and beautiful hike for a hot day.  Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, the carefree beauty of Nahal Snir will take you to your happy place.

Nahal Snir River Walk
Tickled pink.

Hikers’ Notes:

This Nahal Snir hike is a classic – it’s the one most Israelis think of when they think of Nahal Snir. The nice thing about it is that you really can hike as much or as little as you want.

It’s great for kids, as long as they are good climbers and not afraid of water. If you do go with little kids or babies, consider the easier, stroller friendly Snir walk up top.

This is a great walk for a hot summer day since it’s completely in the shade. I’m sure it’s nice on a dry spring or fall day too.

Following this trail is easy. There’s a sign for the Israel Trail at the booth at the front of the park. Just follow it the whole way through. Turn around whenever you’re ready.

If you want to hike it one way: Use the second set of GPS links up above to park another car in the second lot. From the first lot, follow the Israel Trail to the second lot. This yields a total hike of around 2 kilometers (which is about the same as we walked when we hiked out and back). We didn’t actually walk it to the end, but Snir Nature Reserve brochure said that this is how you do it. If you try it, let me know how it goes!

Water shoes are a must for this walk. It’s hard to go through without getting wet. (And it would be kind of sad not to be able to!)

Since it’s a National Park there’s a fee to get in and facilities on site.

Don’t forget to read my guide to the navigational features in this post before you go.

Questions? Have you hiked this path? Let’s hear about it in the comments down below.

Nahal Snir River Walk
Magical mushrooms.

Hiking can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk. Information is provided free of charge; it is each hiker’s responsibility to check it and navigate using a map and compass.

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