Nahal Snir Lookout Trail

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Distance: 2.2kmTime: 45 minDifficulty: Easy

The Hasbani Nature Reserve is famous for its classic water hike.  But hikers seeking a walk on dry land can take the Nahal Snir Lookout trail instead.  It’s a perfect trail for a cool day.

When we visited Nahal Snir last week, we wanted to make sure to check out all of the trails while we were there.  We waded through the river walk and strolled down the wheelchair accessible trail.  And we hiked the Snir Lookout Trail too.

While it may not have been the best weather for the Lookout Trail (it was hot and sunny that day), we still had fun on this 45 minute walk through the nature that surrounds Nahal Snir. 

Although most of the area along the Nahal Snir Lookout Trail is yellow and dry in the summertime, flowers still pop up along the way.  And the trees in the riverbed down below are lush and green.

Nahal Snir Lookout trail
Starting in the shade.

Here’s what we saw on the Snir Lookout walk:

Towards the Reservoir

The trail begins at the entrance to the Snir Nature Reserve.  After using our Parks Card to get in, we checked our map and followed the purple and green trail markers down a flat wooden pathway.

When we hit the crossroads, we made a left to follow the green trail up towards the dry part of Nahal Snir.  At first, the path was lined with trees, and we were mostly in the shade.  But soon, we reached a wide open expanse that lead up to a reservoir.

Nahal Snir Lookout trail
Life at the reservoir.

At the reservoir, there were summer flowers blossoming all around.  A red dragonfly flitted from flower to flower.  The pink mountains beyond and bushy green trees were reflected into still water.

Walk the Plank Across a River

After checking out the reservoir, we crossed wooden platforms towards the rest of the trail.  The platforms had clearly been used to create a raised space for the overflow of the reservoir, which must occur during the rainy season.

At this time of year though, it was pretty dry.  We walked across and started up the hill.

Nahal Snir Lookout trail
River crossing.

According to the National Parks Authority, during the winter, spring, and fall this hilly area is full of seasonal flowers.  I imagine that it must be the most colorful in winter and spring, when cyclamen bloom in green grasses. 

We got to see some golden and purple summer flowers, instead.  And we almost bumped into a small herd of mooing cows that ran out of the pathway as we approached.

Look Out Below

Once we reached the lookout, we stopped for a few minutes.  On a summer day, there wasn’t all that much to look at.  But we could see the deep green of the trees along the Snir River below.  In autumn, these trees supposedly turn to a rich shade of gold.

Nahal Snir Lookout trail

Near the lookout was a shady place to sit under the canopy of an oak tree.  Tall pink hollyhocks grew near the stone bench.  We took a few pictures and then followed the path as it turned back in the direction of the trailhead.  A short while later, we were back at the main crossroads for all of the trails in Nahal Snir. 

This two kilometer Nahal Snir Lookout walk was a really cute little trail for a cooler time of year.  During the summer, the refreshing waters of Snir Stream beckon down below.  But in any other season, colorful flowers and warm sunshine await at the top of Snir Nature Reserve.

Nahal Snir Lookout trail
Golden blossoms of summer.

Hikers’ Notes:

This hike is easy enough for hikers of every age and skill level. Like I said, it’s not ideal for the summertime. But it would make a great little trail for any of the cooler months. Combine it with one of the other Snir Nature Reserve hikes for a full day of fun.

Hasbani Nature Reserve is a National Park, so there’s a fee to get in and facilities on site.

Following this trail is easy. From the entrance to the park (where you can pick up a map), just follow the green arrows. They’ll take you all the way through the trail.

Questions about this hike? Let’s hear them in the comments down below!

Nahal Snir Lookout trail
Summer landscape at the Snir Lookout Trail.

Hiking can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk. Information is provided free of charge; it is each hiker’s responsibility to check it and navigate using a map and compass.

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