On Hiking, Travel, and Love of Country

For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing what I look forward to all year long – traveling through a foreign land with my family.

It may sound funny that I, who love Israel so much and can’t get enough of our own great outdoors, would even want to go somewhere else. 

History, tradition, great natural beauty: Israel has it all.  You just need to know where to find it.  Israel is our home.  I am so grateful that I live in a place where all of those things are accessible.  And being outdoors is such a part of the Israeli lifestyle.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” Sitting behind our big stone creation on a beach.

But when I travel, my eyes open up again.  I see our country through the eyes of visitors.  I understand what that magical mist on a mountain and that soul touching sunset must look like to someone who is experiencing it all without the noise of everyday life.  In the quiet, isolated space that exists only during vacation.

When we travel as a family, we are exposed to new things non-stop.  Small differences of food, culture, and history seem incredibly interesting.  We notice every small feature of the landscape, and our hearts are touched by the beauty.

Some things never change.

It was one of these family vacations which first inspired me to share my love for the Land of Israel with others.  To make sure people know that Israel is that beautiful, inspiring place.  For those of us who live here.  For visitors.  For anyone and everyone.

Now that vacation is coming to an end, I feel ready all over again to find every new type of beauty that I can find in our country and share it. 

Israel’s wilder side, its peaceful side, its magical side is out there.  And I’m coming back for more.

Ready to take flight again.

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  1. Thanks for your well written thoughts and your wonderful website all year Susannah. You are making a difference!

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