The Flawed

by Avi Schild

Angelic white rises over his shoulders
Wrapping his head in focused concentration
A moment prepared for total dedication
Is shattered by a heart and mind in conflict

The words – as they’re uttered,
The king who protects.
Who protects? I can’t protect him.
Is he safe?

Where is he now? And the words.
You God are a warrior.
He’s a warrior but just a child!
Does he feel brave? Does he feel scared?

The angels snicker at the
Paltry praise of this child of man
Uttered so thoughtlessly, heart wandering.
What is Man that You remember him?

Tears streaming down his face
Do you have children, oh, holy beings
To love and to teach
To hold and to comfort.

Do you know the joy of bringing a child to this world?
Or the helplessness, the pain and the worry?

And a plea to Him
Through tear filled eyes.
Take my words and take my worry,
Take my happiness and take my heartache.

The quiet response from the Father of them all.
Avita tehilla – He desires praise
From creatures of flesh
With their vanity and confusion
Who give honor to Him – Because His glory is on them.

A praise
and a prayer
Rise up
From flesh
and spirit
To the One
who hears all.

2 thoughts on “The Flawed

  1. I can’t thank you enough for your beautiful writings !!!! I am finding them so healing and helpful for me to see in writing much of what I’m feeling.
    Bless you and May Hashem bring back all of our children safe and sound kheref ein!!
    Shabbat shalom,

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