Hydration Backpack

Who else want’s the coolest and most convenient hydration backpack out there?

The most basic item you need when you hike is water.  Trying to figure out how many plastic water bottles to lug along can be infuriating.  And for anyone with a large family (like me!), it’s almost impossible to get that number right.

Since we opened up shop at Hiking the Holyland, I’ve been on the search for the perfect water toting solution.  And I’ve finally found it.

Here it is: the solution to all of our water toting problems!

This 2.5 liter hydration backpack deserves to bear the Hiking the Holyland name. It has inside and outside pockets (something many hydration packs often don’t have), a buckling chest strap in front to keep it secure, and a clip for the water tube (so it doesn’t bop along while you hike).

The bag is also made of a lightweight, antibacterial fabric, which keeps you cool when you’re sweating.  And the multi-toned design with reflective strips is both functional and plain good-lookin’.

What I especially love about these hydration packs is that my kids can carry them.  That means that I don’t have to lug around enough water for the entire family.  Each kid can carry their own water supply, filling up the pack as much or as little as they need.  They can even carry snacks and a sandwich too.

A well used backpack: the perfect hiking accessory.

This awesome bag is the perfect hiking accessory for half day hikes.  Be prepared when you take off for a day hike.  Just fill up the bag with water, throw in your favorite trail mix, and you’re on your way.

You can get your Hiking the Holyland hydration pack for a $49.99 plus shipping. (Limited time offer!! Use code HYDRATE for a 10% discount!)

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