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It’s Passover and the kids are home. We have lots of hiking to do and I’m sitting on at least 5 posts which are waiting to be published. But who has time for any of that right now? The birds are chirping, flowers are blossoming, and I want to use every last valuable moment to frolic outdoors.

Still, life does go on after Passover. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to need an extra dose of tranquility after all of the wonderful hubbub of the holiday. So, I wanted to share something helpful with you: our second Hike with Intention. This time, it’s a women’s only hiking event.

Next Thursday, April 8th, Life Coach Barbara Schwarck will be leading us on a journey towards reconnection and realignment, with nature as our backdrop. This moderate level, 4 hour hike will be taking place at Sataf (one of my favorite places to hike!) in the Jerusalem Mountains.

Sataf is absolutely beautiful at this time of year. The woodlands, wildflowers, hidden springs, and history of the place are inspiring.

After several requests, we decided to make this one a women’s only event. (Don’t worry guys – we’ll set up a group hike for you soon). Women of all ages are welcome. Bring your hiking shoes, your journal, and an open heart. I can’t wait to see you there!

Advance registration is required. Click here to sign up.

Sataf waits.

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