Can I Talk More About the Cave?

Tap, tap…is this thing on??

Before I get down to writing the multiple posts I’m planning for this week, can I just get this out of my system?

In my regular day blog posts, I feel compelled to stick to the hikes and write them through, step by step. I try not to wax rhapsodic (at least not too much).  But sometimes I just want to write a lot more about something.  Like this cave.

Cave Jerusalem Springs Trail.

This cave.  Was unexpected.  My husband, Avi, led the way, sliding under the archway and stooping down into the cavern beyond. 

Are we staying here? I called out.

Jerusalem Springs Trail Cave

And we were. 

So I crawled in behind him, put down my bag, and found a rock to sit on.  As we settled in to the quiet, darkness, and solitude, all of my senses became hyper tuned in to the peacefulness around us.

It was shelter.  From the rain and wind.  Simple shelter but no less welcome that day than the plushest pillow next to the warmest fireplace.  It was peaceful and empty and just for us.

Jerusalem Springs Trail Cave

I let my eyes rest outside on the gentle and fleeting sunlight.  It lit up the curves and crevices of the archway beyond.  The dog stood proudly raising his head to the rays as the wind fluffed up his wet fur – he was a runway model for the moment.

Jerusalem Springs Trail Cave with dog.

The music of the gentle drip-drop of the rain outside made me all the more aware of the dry interior that we were now a part of.  It was our place, our temporary home, our refuge from the outdoors, our breakfast table, our place to rest our feet.

Only twenty minutes of immersion.  But that cave will always call me.  I’ll remember those moments on a rainy fall day in November.  The juxtaposition of outside and in.  Each one enhancing the other.  A quiet, little cave on the Springs Trail in Jerusalem.

Susannah Schild Jerusalem Springs Trail Cave.

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