July 20, 2023


Am I the last person to discover the Tel Ashkelon campground?  This National Park campsite on the Mediterranean is gorgeous!  I have long been afraid of camping by the beach.  The reports that have crossed my ears have been of sandy tents and loud music into the night.  But the campground at Tel Ashkelon is on a grassy cliff right next to the ocean – no sand necessary.  There are bathrooms, fridges, and most importantly, no loud music allowed!  We camped here with our kids and fell asleep to the sound of ocean waves after watching a magnificent sunset.  I can’t wait to go back.


New Water Sport

I’ve been posting pictures and videos of our latest adventure – stand up paddleboarding.  As a total newbie, here’s what I can tell you: It’s a really easy and blissful, low barrier-to-entry sport that I highly recommend.  We’ve tried SUPing on a stream and in the ocean.  The stream is easier, but the ocean is really fun too!  This Tuesday, we went for a pre-9 days outing at Palmachim early in the morning. The waves were very calm at that time of day, and we had lots of fun paddling past the rock formations and learning how to actually stand on the board at sea.  You can buy your own (good-quality) inflatable SUP here in Israel or rent them for about 80 NIS an hour (in Ashdod).  For storage purposes, this giant boards folds into the size of a large backpack.

SUPing with friends.


Devotions, The Selected Poems of Mary Oliver.  Her poetry, which is mostly about nature, is beautiful and inspiring.  It’s nice to pick up the book and read a snippet here and there.

Sumer Drink

I’m a fan of lemon, mint, and crushed ice, but not a fan of all the sugar in the restaurant version of limonana.  At home, I’ve been sticking a bunch of ice, lemon, and mint into the blender.  One minute later, I have delicious, sugar-free limonana.

Life Changing Accessory

Calling all gun-toting women (especially those who wear skirts and dresses)! In the past, I couldn’t figure out a reasonable way to carry a weapon as a religious woman.  Enter the Undertech Undercover Thigh Holster.  This pair of slinky shorts is perfect under skirts and dresses and keeps your firearm close at all times.  I’ve been using this holster for years.  Highly recommended.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver, The Summer Day

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