The Best Time of Day

I wake up most mornings at dawn.  As soon as consciousness sinks in, I climb out of bed and head downstairs right away.  Once I open all of the windows wide to let in the morning breeze, I pour myself a hot cup of coffee and sit down near the window to write.

In my backyard, this is a wonderful time of day.  The birds are out in full force, singing and chirping away, flapping their wings, splashing in little puddles of water.  One tweets while another chirrups.  It’s the best background music for creativity. 

The morning air seems to have a magical quality.  I breathe it in through the open window like a cold drink of water.  It refreshes my lungs and awakens my brain and senses.

The sun rises as the clock ticks away.  By 8:00 AM, its golden rays seem to dominate the sky.  Large and in charge, the sun disperses the cool mist and the bird symphony.  And I reluctantly say goodbye to one of my favorite parts of the day.  I’m always sad to see it go.

But all is well in the world.  Because many hours and thousands of thoughts later, I start to look forward to the sun’s slow departure at dusk.  As the sun fades, the breeze picks up again.  The sky takes on a pinkish glow.  

Through my window, I sense this change, and feel a sense of urgency: I must get outside to experience the sunset.  So, we call over our border collie and head out on a walk, usually in the direction of the quiet countryside. 

Wild wheat and grains take on a golden glow on the sides of the road.  We see the last of the day’s kestrels gliding in the wind.  I love dusk. I don’t want it to end.  Perhaps its fleeting quality causes me to cherish it even more.

What is it about these magical times of day?  At dawn and dusk, life feels full of hope, possibility, and peace.  All of the pressures of normal life melt away with the setting sun. And the sunrise of early morning is the perfect slow transition between dream world and real life. 

If I could, I would spend this time outdoors every single day.  I would hike along the beach, through a forest, into a desert canyon, and up a mountain at sunrise.  And then again at sunset.

As it is, I thank God that with or without me, the sun continues to rise and set like clockwork, giving the whole world the gift of these two enchanting moments in time. 

Treasure them whenever you can.

At first morning light.

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