Around the Campfire – Weekly Hikes: Good for the Soul

Now more than ever, getting out in nature (however you can) will soothe your spirit. Long hikes might be off the table for a while. But you can still go outdoors and discover something beautiful. Before you know it, we’ll be able to venture further from our homes: and hiking is a perfect pastime for the days of social distancing to come. Now is the time to make a weekly trip outdoors a priority!

Have you ever noticed how being outside makes you feel happier?  Most of us will turn towards a ray of sunshine, letting it warm our faces on a cloudy day.  We relish the feeling of a cool breeze in the summertime. 

We see something beautiful outdoors, and we notice it.  A field of flowers.  The way the early morning sun filters through golden reeds.  Even a simple blackbird with a bright yellow beak draws our attention.

Sometimes, seeking these simple pleasures seems like a luxury.  Many of us associate hiking with vacation (I know I used to).  And we restrict our relaxation time to eating out, watching tv, or getting together with friends.  Most of us devote a couple of hours a week to these types of activities. 

But I’ve discovered something amazing in the past few years: hiking isn’t a luxury.  Instead, it is a simple pastime that’s easy to do and good for the soul.

While hiking, you get more than fresh air.  You get solitude or togetherness. Take your pick. 

You get physical exertion – an adrenaline boost that simply makes you feel good. 

You get new discoveries – whether it’s a hidden cave, a field of wildflowers, or a trio of parakeets up in a tree.  Pursuing adventure allows you experience a sense of excitement you just don’t attain when doing the same old thing.

And here in Israel, hiking is easy.  There are miles and miles of marked trails through forests all around.  You may not even know that they’re there.  I’m still discovering new trails near my home.

Almost anywhere in the country, a new adventure is within a twenty-minute drive away. 

Take two hours of your week and turn it into a foray into nature.  It will bring a sense of calm and connection into your life that you would never expect. 

Hiking. It’s good for the soul.

Discoveries, close to home.

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