Gallery: Israel’s Seasons


Each season has its own special beauty in the Land of Israel.  This photo series features flora that are emblematic of each season in Holy Land: olives in autumn, almond blossoms in winter, lupines in early spring, and wild grain in the summertime.  All of these images were captured while out on the trails (a year round pastime here in Israel).

The photos come printed on easy-to-hang tiles.  They are lightweight, with a sticky backing that won’t damage your walls.  Stick and re-stick until they’re just the way you want ’em.

You’ll also receive 4 downloadable, high-resolution images with your purchase ($40 value).  You can reprint these images for personal use as often as you’d like.




4 Photo Tiles:

Winter Almond Blossom

Spring Lupines

Summer Grain

Fall Olives

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