Jerusalem’s Desert: Lush Oasis Hike at Prat Stream

Jerusalem has been a holy city for millennia. But once upon a time, it looked very different than it does today. Join us on a three-part journey, as we explore the terrain around Jerusalem to gain a better understanding of the Holy City and its magnificent surroundings.

Our first hike in the series will take place on Monday, July 25th at the Ein Prat Nature Reserve, a lush desert oasis with a beautiful flowing stream. At Ein Prat, you’ll learn about the natural forces at work that create this vastly different environment near Jerusalem.

Along the way, you’ll dip in cool spring pools and walk over alabaster rock trails. Breathe in the sweet scent of wild mint and figs that grow near the rushing stream. Listen to the birds chirp, and see wildlife.

You’ll also learn about the backstory of Nahal Prat, including the importance of this pathway into Jerusalem throughout Jewish history. The Prat Stream was home to the prophet Jeremiah, who lived and prophesied near the stream. Mid-way through the hike, we’ll stop for a break with hot tea made from herbs freshly picked on the trail.

Join us on one hike or all three. This journey on the pathways to Jerusalem is going to be incredible!

Contact us for special pricing for couples. Minibus transportation available for an additional 100 NIS per person. This 4.5 kilometer, moderate trail is suitable for many skill levels. The terrain is not flat, so hiking poles and hiking shoes can be helpful.


Ein Prat Nature Reserve


Jul 25 2022


8:30 am - 2:30 pm



Advanced Registration Required

If you have any difficulty booking this event, please open a WhatsApp chat with us here, or email us at and we will try to respond as quickly as possible.



Hiking the Holyland
Hiking the Holyland

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  • Ben Zaltzman
    Ben Zaltzman

    My name is Ben Zaltzman, I’m a tour guide and a hiker in Israel who leads people on trails around the country. 
    I fell in love with nature at a young age.
    While exploring the wide open spaces of nature, I came to know that it was the place where I belong.
    A question I ask during our journeys is, “What happens to me in nature?”
    I found secret hiking trails, discovered magical corners in the country, and have been guiding others through my experiences.
    The trips I lead are about nature connection, the power of being in nature, and the changing environment.
    I’m an expert at long-distance hikes. I hiked for 6 month along the Pacific Crest Trail in the US, and have gone on lots of other journeys in Israel and abroad.
    Tour guiding course of the ministry of tourism, birdwatching course (Israeli SPN), educational tours (ministry of education), Storytelling, hunter-gatherers life skills, group dynamics leader, tour educator (on Birthright), Nature cure & connection journey.

Jerusalem’s Desert: Lush Oasis Hike at Prat Stream

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  1. My husband and I are seniors. Please let me know your price for a couple who are seniors. Also, is your tour in English? Thank you for responding,
    Jacqueline Levine

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