Family Chanuka Adventure: Jewish Heroes Through the Ages

This event is fully booked.  Check out our Fire and Light Event on Wednesday, December 1st!

Join us on a Hiking the Holyland Family Chanuka Adventure: Jewish Heroes Through the Ages!!!

On this all-day adventure, our guide, Arky Staiman, will escort you on the path of brave Jewish warriors throughout the ages from the Tanach through the Maccabim until the modern day soldiers.  The day will begin at Tel Azeka, where David battled Goliath.  Here, we will reenact the first battle of a true Jewish warrior from a jaw dropping viewpoint overlooking the mountains.  Next, the day continues at Midras Ruins.  Here, we’ll discover the army base of an ancient Jewish revolt against the Romans by crawling through tight caves.  Next, we’ll finish the day at Latrun, overlooking the first battles of the Maccabim!  Here, we will get a look at the modern tanks of Israel and see if you have what it takes to be a real modern Jewish warrior!

This tour is best suited for families with kids ages 4-14.  But anyone can enjoy exploring these beautiful and fascinating places.  Throughout the day, we will be driving from stop to stop, so you’ll need a car to join in.
The low entrance fee includes admission to Latrun.  Cost per ticket 95 per kid (3-12) and 120 for each adult (ages 13 and up). Free sufganiyot for all!

Make sure to bring a flashlight and wear long pants.  This Chanuka journey through the stomping grounds of Biblical battles is going to be incredible!

We reserve the right to cancel at any time for a full refund.


Nov 30 2021


10:00 am - 3:30 pm

Advanced Registration Required

Sold out!

If you have any difficulty booking this event, please open a WhatsApp chat with us here, or email us at and we will try to respond as quickly as possible.


Hiking the Holyland
Hiking the Holyland

Hiking Guides

  • Arky Staiman
    Arky Staiman
    Tour Guide

    Arky Staiman is a licensed tour guide and an oleh of 11 years. Originally from Baltimore, he now lives in Tekoa with his wife and 2 little kids. Arky specializes in high energy, fun tours in Israel. His love for Israel is contagious, and his desire to share that with everyone he meets is a driving force in his life.

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