BaYom HaShmini – A Song for Chanukah 2023

From one holiday season to the next…

Two months ago, Israel was attacked. This war has been painful. We have endured loss, suffering, and feelings of despair, yet we still have hope for a time of celebration and happiness, for light that will chase away the darkness.

This Chanukah, 2023, we searched for words from our holy texts to express our faith and longing for this holiday of miracles. Based on ideas and words from the Torah, Rashi, and songs of Chanukah we composed and performed our own song of hope for the holiday…

Download the lyrics in English and Hebrew here.

Lyrics: Avi Schild
Music: Susannah Schild & Moshe Radzinsky
Vocals: Susannah Schild
Backup Vocals: Gabriel, Benzion, and Susannah Schild
Instruments and Production: Moshe Radzinsky (our son-in-law)

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