Jerusalem Foothills Adventure

Dive into the beauty of the Jerusalem Foothills on one full day of adventure!

This tour includes a trip to Tel Azeka, above where David and Goliath fought their famous battle, a hike in beautiful Adulam Nature Reserve, and an exploration of Bar Kochba Tunnels and a Second Temple City!  Customize this tour as you please: you can take a long or short hike, tour nearby Sha’ar HaGai museum to learn about Jewish warriors more recent victories, and take a dip in local springs if you’d like! Add in a trip to a local winery or a sunset picnic at Masryk Reserve. Drive on off road trails. Our expert guide Ben Zaltzman will guide you on your journey.

Ben Zaltzman

Ben is an official Hiking the Holyland tour guide and Israel hiking guide. Growing up in the Carmel Mountain region, he fell in love with nature at a young age. Since then, he has discovered secret hiking trails and magical corners around the country. Now, he guides others through his experiences.