Derech Hagefen Cafe Hike Instructions

  1. The Waze link brings you to a parking lot. Make a right out of the parking lot (onto Hamaayan St) towards the main street (Rechov Ein Karem).
  2. On the main street (Rechov Ein Karem), turn left.
  3. Cross the street towards Beit Hashokalad and continue to walk straight up Rechov Ein Karem.
  4. After a minute of walking you’ll reach an Israel Trail Marker on a pole.  Now we’ll be following the Israel Trail. Continue straight on Rechov Ein Karem.
  5. Make a right down the steps onto Madregot Gan Eden (following the Israel Trail Sign).
  6. Follow Israel Trail Markers down the steps.
  7. Continue straight for a while.  You will reach a wooden pole with an Israel Trail sign.  (Derech Sorek) DO NOT TURN!  Continue straight down Emek HaTeimanim St.  We are now leaving the Israel Trail.
  8. Make the first left (about 100m) after Sorek St. (Onto the continuation of Emek HaTeimanim St.)
  9. At the end of the road (past the houses), Emek Hateimanim St. turns into a sidewalk path.  Continue straight on sidewalk path.
  10. At the end of the sidewalk path, the trail turns into a little dirt path through grasses and reeds into the forest.  Follow it!
  11. Continue straight for about ten minutes on this dirt path.  Soon, you’ll reach a crossroads with a sign that shows Ein Kerem in one direction and Cemetery in the other.  DON’T FOLLOW EITHER PATH! Instead, make a sharp left.
  12. After walking for a bit you’ll reach another sign reading Derech Hagefen in one direction and Cemetery in the other.  Follow the path toward Derech Hagefen.
  13. Now back on a city street( Rechov Derech Hagefen) you will pass HaAgam Street on the left.  Keep going straight on Derech Hagefen until you reach the Dinosaur Site at the end of the street on your right.  The cafe is across the street from this park (on your left).