Celebrating Nationhood: Jewish Music and Meditation at Itri Ruins

Tuesday, April 19th at 5:00 PM: Join us for an evening of Jewish history, Israel’s nature, music, and meditation, as we celebrate Pesach, Chag HaCherut, at Itri Ruins in the Jerusalem Lowlands!

The evening begins with a guided walk around Itri Ruins, a Second Temple Village located in the beautiful Adulam Grove Nature Reserve.  Soak up the beauty of spring at Adulam as you hear about the Jews who once made this area their home.  Itri was a noteworthy town for hundreds of years as the Jewish people fought to hold on to the Land, ultimately joining the Bar Kochva revolt and building tunnels beneath to fight the Romans.

After an exploration of Itri, we will gather round in a nearby natural area for clarinet music and meditation guided by Rav Daniel Kohn, the chief Rabbi of Bat Ayin.  Tune into the beautiful melodies as we contemplate the meaning of the holiday of Pesach for our people who, after slavery and struggle, have now returned to our ancient homeland.

Hot tea (kosher for Pesach!) will be served.  All are welcome, but this event is geared towards adults and teens rather than small children.  This musical event is in a nature reserve: we’ll be sitting on blankets on the ground and the closest bathroom is a 15 minute drive away, so be prepared!



Adulam Nature Reserve
Adulam Nature Reserve
Hurvat Itri, Israel


Apr 19 2022


5:00 pm - 7:30 pm



Advanced Registration Required

If you have any difficulty booking this event, please open a WhatsApp chat with us here, or email us at hello@hikingintheholyland.com and we will try to respond as quickly as possible.



Hiking the Holyland
Hiking the Holyland

Other Organizers

Hiking Guide

  • Ben Zaltzman
    Ben Zaltzman

    My name is Ben Zaltzman, I’m a tour guide and a hiker in Israel who leads people on trails around the country. 
    I fell in love with nature at a young age.
    While exploring the wide open spaces of nature, I came to know that it was the place where I belong.
    A question I ask during our journeys is, “What happens to me in nature?”
    I found secret hiking trails, discovered magical corners in the country, and have been guiding others through my experiences.
    The trips I lead are about nature connection, the power of being in nature, and the changing environment.
    I’m an expert at long-distance hikes. I hiked for 6 month along the Pacific Crest Trail in the US, and have gone on lots of other journeys in Israel and abroad.
    Tour guiding course of the ministry of tourism, birdwatching course (Israeli SPN), educational tours (ministry of education), Storytelling, hunter-gatherers life skills, group dynamics leader, tour educator (on Birthright), Nature cure & connection journey.

  • Rav Daniel Kohn
    Rav Daniel Kohn
    Rabbi and Musician

    Rav Daniel Kohn is the rabbi of Bat Ayin, a Hassidic village in the Judean Mountains of Israel. Over the past 28 years, as a Rabbi and Rosh Yeshiva, he has taught hundreds of students, uniquely combining the world of Torah learning, Jewish mysticism and deep psychological insight. A talented musician and composer, Rav Daniel’s own spiritual path took him from university studies at Columbia College to many years of yeshiva learning and to ordination by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Deeply rooted in Talmud and halacha, Rav Daniel also draws his innovative insights from his profound knowledge of Rambam, Maharal, Kabbala, Rav Kook and Chassidut.

    In addition to his work as community Rabbi, Rav Daniel lectures and conducts meditation retreats and personal growth seminars for groups, academic staffs and communities throughout Israel.

    Rav Daniel is also a professional composer and clarinet player whose performances around Israel are a unique genre of spiritual music and Torah teaching combined. He has produced three music albums and recently published a learning package and book (in Hebrew) called The Siddur as a Spiritual Journey soon to be published in English.

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